TOZAN 5G Mochila para Kendo Bogu

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Novidade ! TOZAN 5G Mochila para Kendo Bogu


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TOZAN 5G Mochila para Kendo Bogu

TOZAN 5G Backpack Style Kendo Bogu Bag is the 5th generation of our Top Selling Bogu Bag.
The new version has a more compact design.
Approximate Dimensions: W 16 in (41 cm) x H 19 in (48 cm) x D 11 in (28)
Weight: 4.1 lb (1.8 kg)

Simple front design, and improved ballistic nylon for better durability, with reinforcement on the corners.


> Padded layer in the outer shell for better protection of the Bogu.

> Easy carry as backpack

> Easy to carry with one hand

> Comfortable handles

> Clip to hold your keys or the Universal Shinai Bag

> Best combination with the Universal Shinai Bag

> Good design strong zippers for easy open/close

> Mesh interior with zipper to hold your items

How to store your Kendo Bogu in TOZAN 5G

Please note that this bag was designed with a compact design in order to decrease the outer size of the bag. It was designed to fit a regular size Adult Bogu with Kendogi and Hakama.

1) Place you folded Hakama on the bottom of the bag.

2) Place the Kote inside of the Men and place it top side down

3) Place the Kendogi on top of the Men

4) Place the Do and the Tare

5) Close the Bag

Informação adicional

Peso 1800 g


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