Top Quality 3MM Machine Stitched TSUWAMONO Kendo Bogu 5G

720.00 c/ IVA

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NOTA: A entrega do Bogu demora entre 3 a 4 semanas após confirmação da encomenda.

Best selling Top Quality 3MM Bogu sent int its 5th Generation, with great improvements. 
The Mengane is our signature Antibacterial Hybrid Duraluminium Mengane. Beautiful Tare design reinforcement. The back side of the Bogu is reinforced with Black Kozakura. Kote Reinforcement also with Black Kozakura. Fist Shape Kote model, with the perfect Kote shape as holding a Shinai. Double Kera on Kote chambers

Bogu bag not included. There may be an additional cost for a person with larger built.
The Himos (Strings), Leather piece for the Men, and Tenugui are included.


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Features –


E-BOGU 3MM Bogu Men The Ago design is a beautiful Gobanzashi with Batsu and it has a Godan Kazari (5 Row). E-BOGU 3MM Kendo Bogu Men 4G The cut on the Mendare is the E-BOGU signature diagonal cut, which gives a beautiful look when wearing the Bogu. The Naname (diagonal) stitching on the Mendare, makes the Mendare softer in the direction of the movement. It makes the movement of the arms smoother, buy allowing the Kenshis to swing of the Shinai easier. The borders of the Men is reinforced with the New Top Quality Clarino leather, which gives both the beautiful look and the strength on the most vulnerable areas. The new reinforcement design, give the Men a traditional look. E-BOGU 3MM Kendo Bogu Men 5G The Howa is hand crafted with the top quality 100% Shoaizome Cotton, which give the comfort when wearing, as well as the ease of cleaning.

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The Kote has a single Kera which gives more flexibility. The Kobushi area is made of top quality Clarino, and the palm is made of Top quality Brown deer leather.

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– The Tare also has the E-BOGU signature diagonal cut, which makes the Tare to better fit to the body when standing up. It has a six line design. The Tare Obi has a one piece design which is the symbol of a top quality Bogu. The back side of the Tare is carefully crafted with the Green Kozakura design.

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DO –

Standard version comes with 50 Bamboo Look Yamato Do, in four different types of most popular Mune Design. All our Do comes with top quality KUROZAN leather Mune.

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Informação adicional

Peso 6000 g

64cm, 66cm, 68cm, 70cm, 72cm


19x19xm, 20x20cm, 22x21cm, 24x22cm


Medium, Regular, XtraLarge

Do Design

Hon-Kumo, Oni-Kumo, Goban Betazashi, Hinode, Kabuto, Yotsukumo, Mitsukumo, Esu-ji, Nami, Sakura, Sa-Kumo


Medium, Regular, XL

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