Shoaizome Kendo Hakama #8,000 Azul

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Shoaizome Kendo Hakama #8,000 azul

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Shoaizome Kendo Hakama #8,000 Azul

Traditional Style Kendo Hakama made of 100% Cotton. Grade #8000. 100% cotton threads were first dyed using the Shoaizome process, prior to the fabrication of the fabric. Long lasting quality.

This is one of the the best quality – 100% Cotton – Hakama you will ever find. Many improvements have been made on this Hakama. The inner folds are stitched to keep the folds always neat. The Himo (tie strings) have extra padding for extra confort and strength. The sides of the Hakama is made a a little longer than the center, in order to give a beautiful straight line, when standing.

Very popular among Kendo, Iaido, and Aikido players.

See the picture below for the details on the Inner folds.

Picture below shows the length of the sides being longer than the center of the Hakama.

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