Shinai Tokachi (Tokusen Madake) 39 completo

62.00 c/ IVA

Selecção TOKUSEN MADAKE Shinai – TOKACHI 39 (Completo)




TOKUSEN TOKACHI is our newest model in our Madake Shinai Selection. For people who has purchased E-BOGU Shinais in the past, this, this Shinai is in between Tosa and Kunimasa. I is a Koto Style Shinai, with a little thicker Handle that extends all the way to the tip of the Shinai. Some people say that the Koto style Shinais is more tip heavy, but due to the balance throughout the Shinai, you do not feel much weight at the tip, as the other Koto style Shinais.

Estilo: Chokuto (Koto) Gata

Pega: Normal [25 – 27 mm Diametro]

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