TOKUSEN Shinai – “TENCHI” Women Size 38 (Completo)

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TOKUSEN Shinai – “TENCHI” Women Size 38 (completo com peças de cabedal)

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TOKUSEN Shinai – “TENCHI” Women Size 38

Tenchi was designed based on the MUSHA shinais. Musha is a Dobari type shinai that has an excellent balance.

This is the Shinai that I was looking for. It was designed based on a few of my favorite Dobari Shinais. Tenchi is the oval grip version of Musha, which is only available in size 38 for Women. We decided to start making this Shinai, because a good friend of mine from Europe asked me why e-bogu did not have an oval grip shinai for women. Tenchi has an excellent balance closer to your hands. The oval grip makes the Kaeshi Waza easier, and makes you keep a straight strikes more precise. I strongly recommend Tenchi for all women Kenshis, specially for women who are active in competitions and training.” – (Taro Ariga CEO, Kendo Renshi 7 Dan).

This Shinai comes with the top quality leather kit.

The bamboo was specially treated for durability, giving a shiny look.

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