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Selecção TOKUSEN MADAKE – KUNIMASA 39 (Completo)

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One of our best selling Shinai, KUNIMASA, now in TOKUSEN Series. This Shinai holds the same balance and characteristics of the KUNIMASA Shinais, made with the Select Bamboo. The KUNIMASA is a Dobari Shinai, with a fairly thin grip. Making it easy to control, with the weight closer to the Tsuka.

“KUNIMASA was based on the Shinai that Miyazaki Sensei gave to me during his visit to the USA. When I held his Shinai, my impression was how light his Shinai was. I asked if this Shinai had over 510g and his reply was “Of course!”. The balance of the Shinai is so exceptional, that makes the Shinai feel so light. So far, I have’t had the courage to use the Shinai that Sensei gave to me at practices, but from the feel of it, KUNIMASA has a simmilar balance and feel of his Shinai. You will love it!” – Taro Ariga CEO (Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan).

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