Shinai KAI (BIO) Dobari 39 completo

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Tratamento BIO Shinai – “KAI” Dobari (Completo) 39

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KAI was based on the Shinai that Miyazaki sensei gave to me during his visit to the USA. When I held his Shinai, my impression was how light his Shinai was. I asked if this Shinai had over 510g and his reply was “Of course!”. The balance of the Shinai is so exceptional, that makes the Shinai feel so light. So far, I have not had the courage to use the Shinai that Sensei gave to me, but KAI has a very simmilar balance and feel of the Shinai Miyazaki sensei gave me. You will love it!” – Taro Ariga CEO (Kendo Renshi 7 Dan).

The bamboo was specially treated with BIO Technology for durability, giving a dark traditional look.

Very beautiful finish.

The shape of the shinai is very similar to our popular KUNIMASA shinai.

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