Tokusen Issho (Select Shinai Tokusen Madake) #39

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Shinai com pega larga

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is the new version of our very popular previous ISSHO.

This Shinai is a CHOKUTO Style, with an overall thick finish.

Due to popular demand, we have created this new version of our ISSHO Shinai.

I use Chokuto Shinai for daily practices since it gives you the feeling of holding a real sword, and I find it better for ‘One Shot’ type Kendo. TOKUSEN ISSHO is very effective for Ai-Men (Make the  opponent attack, and strike before the opponent strikes you). If you are satisfied with the quality of our Shinais, I would strongly recommend our new TOKUSEN Chokuto style Shinai, ISSHO. As the Kenshi goes higher in ranks, they tend to go into a ‘One Shot’ style, and I believe that is the ultimate beauty of the Kendo. Win and Hit, instead of Hit and Win.” Taro Ariga CEO (Kendo Kyoshi 7 Dan)

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