Shinai Bizen (Tokusen Madake) 39 completo

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Selecção TOKUSEN MADAKE Shinai – BIZEN 39 (Completo)

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“This is our newest extra thick Shinai. BIZEN TOKUSEN. We designed this Shinai based on our existing BIZEN and the Shinai that I got from Takahashi Sensei from Kyoto, Japan. Takahashi Sensei and I fought at the 11th World Kendo Championships in Santa Clara, CA. I am sure people with larger hands would be very happy with this Shinai. The most challenging thing about the design of this Shinai was to keep the good balance of the Shinai, although the amount of Bamboo is larger compared to our other Shinais. We tried placing the balance towards the handle side, which makes the Shinai feel light, just like Takahashi Sensei’s Shinai.” – Taro Ariga CEO (Kendo Kyoshi 7 Dan)

Estilo : Dobari Gata
Pega : Grossa (30 +- 1 mm e acima]

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