“SADO BEKKAKU” SIZE 39 – Edição Limitada

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LIMITED EDITION – Top Quality MADAKE Shinai – “SADO BEKKAKU” Size 39 (Completely assembled with Top quality leather)

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Limited edition “SADO BEKKAKU” Shinai

has a shape that falls between the KOTO GATA and DOBARI shinais. It has a DOBARI section but it is not as thick as the regular Dobari, and the tip is not as thin as the regular DOBARI Shinais. It comes in different grip thickness  (  26, 28 mm Diameter). It is assembled with our E-BOGU Signature Brown Tsukagawa Finish on the top portion of the Tsuka.

It has a beautiful ROBIKI finish throughout the Bamboo, and a Kanji engraving on the side of the Shinai, gives an extra accent to the Shinai.

Informação adicional

Peso 1001 g
Bamboo/diametro pega

26 mm, 28 mm