Nitoryu Daito Shinai – “HARIMA” Size 37 -Top Quality DOBARI

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Top Quality DOBARI Nitoryu Daito Shinai – “HARIMA” Size 37

(Completely assembled with Top quality leather)

First time in the history, a Daito specialized for Nitoryu style. Top quality Nitoryu Shinai, HARIMA, a Daito designed for Nitoryu style. The official rule for Nitoryu Shinai is the following: The Shinai needs to be less than 114 cm, and have a weight more than 465g. This is the same as the Size 37 Shinai, so most of the people used a Size 37 Shinai as the Nitoryu Daito. However, Size 37 Shinai is usually used by Middle School students, and it usually does not come in the best balance, and the Shinai tends to break easier, specially when used by adults.
After many trials, came up with a totally different concept of Shinai, in which we keep the same weight and length defined by the rule, but by using a thicker bamboo, concentrating the weight on the handle (Tsuka) side. The Shinai is also a Dobari style, which makes the Shinai look much thicker, and stronger. Also, we have made the grip oval, so that it gives the Kenshis a better Shinai control, and a better Hasuji, specially because Nitoryu players are holding the Shinai with one hand.
HARIMA is made of our top quality bamboo, and has a Delux Double folded Tsuka.
If you are a Nitoryu player, this is one Shinai that you must have!

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