GENTEN – Master Quality NAGAZASHI Traditional Kendo Bogu

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Important Note:
Bogu bag not included. There may be an additional cost for a person with larger built.
The Himos (Strings), Leather piece for the Men, and Tenugui are included.
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“GENTEN” Master Quality NAGAZASHI Kendo Bogu

“I have been working on a Bogu that will mark our 15th anniversary, a Bogu that all Kenshis will enjoy wearing. So I dug out a Bogu that I got from my Bogu making Sensei, which I enjoyed wearing it form the day one, but I had it stored because I felt sorry to use it. He always emphasized that the main purpose of a Kendo Bogu is to protect your body, the most important thing that your parents gave you. The ideal Bogu should be simple, in harmony with your body, and not to be a burden wearing it. We made the GENTEN Bogu simple, but with emphasis on details that only Kenshis would appreciate. For example, in order to fit your face from day one, we have re-designed the Men Uchiwa, also called as Houwa, the inside piece of the Men that is always in contact with your face. The Kote is shaped as if you were holding the Shinai. You can wear it comfortably form day one. The Tare is very soft, and the more you use, it will look better on your Body. We used only the best material, such as top quality Shoaizome deer leather and fabrics are used throughout the Bogu. The stitching on the futons is NAGAZASHI, which was a technique used only on hand stitched Bogus in the olden days. It provides the softness to fit the body, as well as the beautiful shape when wore by the Kenshis. Extra padding are inserted in areas where more impact is expected, such as on the top part of the Men Futon and the Kote Futon. Our signature Hybrid Mengane is used for longer durability and exceptional balance. The Japanese word ‘GENTEN’ means ‘Origin’, or ‘Starting Point’. We named it ‘GENTEN’ because after 15 years, we are here again, at the GENTEN of Bogu making.”

(Taro Ariga, CEO E-BOGU.COM, Inc. Kendo 7th Dan)




FUTON: #11,000 Shoaizome 100% Cotton Fabric
Fabric: #11,000 Shoaizome
Finish: Tematsuri (Hand Crafted)
Leather Parts: Shoaizome Deer Leather
FUCHI Kawa (Borders Leather): SHOAIZOME Deer Leather
Standard Men Himo/Do Himo, Teunugui, and Chichigawa for the Men.


Men Fuchi Color: Black/Dark Red
Ago Design: Gobanzashi Dark Navy
Fuchi: Fukuro Nui
Reinforcement: Shoaizome Orizome
Mendare: Medium length
Weight: 2.8 lb (1.3 KG)
The TSUKIDARE has the Simple but beautiful GOBAN Ago Design. The MENGANE is the Hybrid Mengane, which has the top two grills made of Titanium and the rest in very durable Duraluminium, which gives the best strenght and weight balance. The Futon is the the NAGAZASHI stitch Men Futon. The top part of the Uchiwa (Howa) has an added pad for better protection. NAGAZASHI stiching, which makes the beautiful shape of the Mendare. Also, the Men Futon is made of may layers of cotton and Mosen. The borders of the Mendare is the Fukuro Nui style, which keeps its shape, and makes it easier to do the Furikaburi motion.



The shape is shaped to the hands of a Kenshi when holding the Shinai, doing Kamae. So not much effort is needed to try to fix your Kamae. Inside Kobushi (Fist Chamber): Mix of Deer Hair and Cotton for optimum protection and light weight. Double deer leather reinforcement on important areas. Deer Skin Chagawa (Brown) Palm

Weight: 1.3 lb (0.6 KG)


Very soft Tare with all Shoaizome Deer leather and Orizashi fabric reinforcement. Front side of the Tare, with 5 Dan Design, and Shoaizome deer leather reinforcement in the corners. Back side is also reinforced with Shoaizome Deer leather
Weight: 1.5 lb (0.7 KG)



All E-BOGU Bogus include a 50 Bamboo Look Yamato Do, and it can be chosen from eleven different types of most popular Mune Designs. The Mune (chest part) is manually crafted with top quality KUROZAN leather Mune. Do Himo, Chichigawa (leather pieces for the top and sides) are included.

(1) Honkumo Gobanzashi
(2) Oni Kumo Gobanzashi
(3) Goban Betazashi with Embroidery
(4) Hinode
(5) Kabuto
(6) Yotsukumo
(7) Esu-ji
(8) Sakumo
(9) Nami
(10) Sakura

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