KENJA :: Top Quality MADAKE Dobari Shinai Regular Grip

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KENJA :: Top Quality MADAKE Dobari Shinai Regular Grip

“This Shinai was based on a Shinai that was given to me by Kim Kyung Nam Sensei. He visited our BUTOKUDEN Dojo a few times for practices. After practice I asked him if I could look at his Shinai and he gave me his Shinai. So had the Shinai sent to our factory to create a Shinai with a similar balance. This Shinai is very close to the Shinai he gave me. For Kim Sensei’s fans, this is a must have Shinai.”  Taro Ariga CEO (Kendo Kyoshi 7 Dan)

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The balance of this KENJA Shinai is closer to the handle, and it gives you a feeling of a light Shinai. The Tip is fairly thin, and the handle is thick. The approximate diameter measurements are the following (Bamboo only):

Size 39 Shinai
Left Handle: 28 mm
Right Handle: 30 mm
Dobari Area: 47 mm
Mid Shinai: 32 mm
Tip of the Shinai: 27 mm
Center of gravity: 65 mm from tip
(Please note that these are approximate measurements. All our Tokusen Shinais are Hand Crafted, and there may be some difference in sizes)

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