Kendo Bogu (5/2.5 mm) – Performance Superior

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High Performance Kendo Bogu for junior and adults.

Ideal for hard practices and Competitions. 2.5/5 mm stitching quality.

“This Bogu is a perfect choice for daily practices and competition. It has a robust construction on every part of the Bogu, with traditional designs on the Men and the Tare. The Kote is made of durable Top quality Clarino Leather on the outside, and the palm is a genuine deer leather for great usability and durability. You can choose from a variety of Do designs. Definitely a great Bogu for everyday use!”
(Taro Ariga, CEO E-BOGU.COM, Inc. Kendo Kyoshi 7 Dan)


Product Specification

Stitching 5mm Machine
Fabric #11,000
Finish Machine Stitch
Leather Parts Top Quality Clarino
Men Top Stitch 5mm Machine
Men Futon Stitch 2.5mm Machine
Mengane Duralmin
Border Stitch Heri Kado Kawa
(border leather)
Ago Embroidery Gobanzashi
Ago Kazari 5 Dan (lines)
Back Kazari Green Kozakura
Futon Reinforcement Top Quality Clarino
Mune Leather Top Quality Kurozan
Mune Type All Available Type
Mune Embroidery Gobanzashi
Mune Side Lines Triple lines
Do Material Yamato Bamboo Look
Borders Double fold
Kobushi Navy Blue Clarino
Palm Brown deer leather
Namako Single Namako
Futon Reinforcement Navy Blue Clarino
Tare Obi Leather 3 piece Navy Blue Clarino
Himo Single fold (4 stitches)
Himo Enforcement Navy Blue Clarino
Kazari 5 Dan (lines)
Back Kazari Green Kozakura
Tare Reinforcement Top Quality Clarino
Tare Border Top Quality Clarino
Important Note:
This Bogu set comes with a black Do and popular embroidery type.
Bogu bag not included. There may be an additional cost for a person with larger built.
The Himos (Strings), Leather piece for the Men, and Tenugui are included.

Informação adicional

Peso 5000 g

64cm, 66cm, 68cm, 70cm, 72cm


19x19xm, 20x20cm, 22x21cm, 24x22cm


Medium, Regular, XtraLarge (+19,00)


Medium, Regular, XL (+29,00)

Design Do

Hon-Kumo, Oni-Kumo, Goban Betazashi, Hinode, Kabuto, Yotsukumo, Mitsukumo, Esu-ji, Nami, Sakura, Sa-Kumo