Ittoryu Bokuto

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Ittoryu Bokuto

Um Bokken com menos curvatura que os bokken normais, uma forma mais arredondada e mais grosso. Concebido para suportar melhor o treino intensivo de Kiriotoshi.
comp aprox:99cm peso aprox: 613g

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Ittoryu Bokuto – This Bokuto is used in the Ono-ha Itto Ryu training.

It is made with the highest grade of white oak, with a thin layer of varnish finish, in order to give a long lasting shine.

The characteristic of this bokuto is that there is less curve than the normal Bokuto, and it is more round shape, and it is thick overall.
The reason for this shape is to be able to endure Kiriotoshi training.
Approximate Lenght:99cm(39in) Approximate weight: 613g(1lb 5.6 oz)

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