High Performance KAITEKI Kendo Men

140.00 c/ IVA

It fits well, is durable, and is affordable for those on a bit of a budget.

This item was returned by a customer who needed a smaller one. It has never been used


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The High Performance KAITEKI Men is uses the Hybrid Duraluminium lightweight Mengane, which gives the ultimate performance and strength for everyday practices. The Men has a design with FUCHIGAWA finish, using top quality Clarino Leather. The Tsuki dare has the simple but very popular Gobanzashi dark navy stitching, and 5 Dan (lines) Kaszari. The Futon reinforcement is the Orizashi Fabric which gives the best breathability in hot sweaty summers. The back side of the Men is reinforced with the Green Kozakura, which gives an accent to the Bogu.

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Peso 2500 g

64, 66, 68, 70, 72


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