High Performance KAITEKI Kendo Bogu Set

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“This Bogu was designed for everyday practices and tournaments. Orizashi fabric is used for the futon reinforcement on the Bogu because it provides good perspiration during sweaty practices. Also, Top Quality Clarino leather is used on the borders of the Futon for long durability. Many top players and Senseis in Japan, uses this Bogu in everyday practices, standing their rigorous everyday training. We tried to keep the cost low, but keeping the important aspect of a Bogu, which are protection, durability and mobility. All our 15 years of experience is incorporated in this Bogu.” (Taro Ariga, CEO E-BOGU.COM, Inc. Kendo 7th Dan)

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The High Performance KAITEKI Men is uses the Hybrid Duraluminium lightweight Mengane, which gives the ultimate performance and strength for everyday practices. The Men has a design with FUCHIGAWA finish, using top quality Clarino Leather. The Tsuki dare has the simple but very popular Gobanzashi dark navy stitching, and 5 Dan (lines) Kaszari. The Futon reinforcement is the Orizashi Fabric which gives the best breathability in hot sweaty summers. The back side of the Men is reinforced with the Green Kozakura, which gives an accent to the Bogu.



Kote is a light weight Kote with Top Quality Navy Blue Clarino Leather reinforcement where needed. The fist portion is a Double Namako finish for better movability. The palm is made with Top Quality Brown Clarino Leather.


The Tare is a light weigh Tare which is flexible and it will fit to your body from day one. The Futon reinforcement is made with Top Quality Orizashi Fabric, and it has 5 Dan (lines) Kazari. The borders are crafted with Clarino Leather reinforcement, and the back side with the Green Kozakura.


All E-BOGU Bogus include a 50 Bamboo Look Yamato Do, and it can be chosen from eleven different types of most popular Mune Designs. The Mune (chest part) is manually crafted with top quality KUROZAN leather Mune. Do Himo, Chichigawa (leather pieces for the top and sides) are included.

(1) Honkumo Gobanzashi
(2) Oni Kumo Gobanzashi
(3) Goban Betazashi with Embroidery
(4) Hinode
(5) Kabuto
(6) Yotsukumo
(7) Mitsukumo
(8) Esu-ji
(9) Sakumo
(10) Nami
(11) Sakura
Important Note:
Bogu bag not included. There may be an additional cost for a person with larger built.
The Himos (Strings), Leather piece for the Men, and Tenugui are included.

Informação adicional

Peso 6000 g
adicionar Bogu Bag

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