[Global Kendo Traveler] All-in-one Shinai/Bogu Travel Bag

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“In average, I travel about 3 months during the year, and I take my Kendo Bogu everywhere I go. Prior to the trip, I try to find a Dojo at my destination, and contact the Sensei at the Dojo, asking if I can join their practice. 100% of the time, they welcome me, and I have a great practice at a foreign country. There are many benefits to that: I can keep practicing even if I am away from my Dojo, I can get rid of my jet lag faster, and the best of all, I make new Kendo friends. I think that is real Ko-Ken-Chi-Ai. However, a problem has risen in the past few year, when airlines started charging for extra baggage. Some airlines charge as much as $200 for the second bag. As you are aware, in Kendo there is always two parts to the baggage: Bogu and Shinai. So you end up automatically getting charged for the extra baggage. In order to circumvent that, I came up with this Bag, which holds a bunch of Shinais and a Bogu which fits comfortably on the bottom part of the Bag.

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  • Made of very durable 1680D Polyester fabric, with reinforcement throughout.
  • Padded throughout the inner side of the bag for total protection of your Bogu.
  • Triple wheel for good balance, and easy rolling.
  • Inner pockets to accommodate accessories.
  • You can add a Tote Bogu Bag at a discounted price, when you purchase a Deluxe All-in-one Shinai/Bogu Travel Bag
  • Weight: 7.25 LB (3.3 KG)

It holds a Do and a Tare very comfortably.

The length of the bag is perfect size for the Shinai.

Padded with soft material throughout the bag.

Straps to hold the Shinai inside the bag.

Large buckles.

Strong triple wheels.

Strong wheels.

Informação adicional

Peso 3300 g
Bolsa Deluxe Tote Bogu

Add Deluxe Tote Bogu bag (15€), Não quero


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