Bogu Kendo KAITEKI (High Performance)

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Bogu Kendo KAITEKI (High Performance)

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This Bogu was designed for everyday practices and tournaments. Orizashi fabric is used for the futon reinforcement on the Bogu because it provides good perspiration during sweaty practices. Also, Top Quality Clarino leather is used on the borders of the Futon for long durability. Many top players and Senseis in Japan, uses this Bogu in everyday practices, standing their rigorous everyday training. We tried to keep the cost low, but keeping the important aspect of a Bogu, which are protection, durability and mobility. All our 15 years of experience is incorporated in this Bogu. -rdquo;
(Taro Ariga, CEO E-BOGU.COM, Inc. Kendo 7th Dan)

Especificações –

Stitching 3.5 mm Machine
Fabric #11,000 Shoaizome
Finish Machine Stitched
Leather Parts Top Clarino Leather
Included Free Men Himo, Chichigawas, Tenugui
Men Top Stitch 3.5 mm Machine
Men Futon Stitch 3.5 mm Straight Stitch
Mengane Hybrid Duralminium
Border Stitch Kadokawa
Ago Embroidery Gobanzashi
Ago Kazari 5 Dan (lines)
Back Kazari Green Kozakura
Futon Reinforcement Aizome Orizashi
Weight Approx : 2lb (907g)
Accessory Men Himo, Chichi Gawa, Tenugui included
Do OP -Ccedil; -Otilde;ES DO AQUI
Mune Leather Top Quality Kurozan
Mune Type All Available Models
Mune Embroidery Various
Mune Side Lines Triple lines
Do Material Yamato 50 Bamboo Look
Borders Double fold
Weight Approx: 2lb (907g)
Accessory Do Himo, Chichigawa included
Kobushi Orizashi Yakko Style with Clarino Leather Borders
Palm Top Brown Clarino Leather
Namako Double Namako
Futon Reinforcement Aizome Orizashi
Weight Approx: 1lb (453g)
Tare Obi Leather N/A
Himo Single fold (4 stitches with the ends)
Himo Enforcement Top Clarino Leather
Kazari 5 Dan (lines)
Back Kazari Green Kozakura

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