ARIGA BESSAKU No22 :: Master Quality MADAKE Koto/Chokuto Shinai SHORT Grip [ASsembled – Size 39]

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Master Quality MADAKE Shinai – “ARIGA BESSAKU No22” Size 39 is a KOTO GATA TSUKATAN Shinai.
Weight: Approximately 460 – 480 g (510 – 530 g assembled)
Left Grip: 25.5 – 26.5 mm Diameter
Right Grip: 
27.5 – 28.5 mm Diameter
Tsuka Option: Tsuka for 37 Shinai (Approximate length: 30 cm) Note: You can specify other sizes, if you prefer other Tsuka Sizes. Please write in the remarks.

“I have designed this Shinai while trying to select a Shinai that I will be using at the upcoming 8 Dan Shinsa. I say “Kotogata Tsukatan” Shinai because it has a short Tsuka (the knot of the bamboo is about 1 inch closer to your right hand, compared to regular Shinais). I always preferred short Tsukas, so I used to place Short Tsukas on a 39 Shinai, but that would leave a large gap between the Tsuka and the Knot of the bamboo, which made the Shinai look unbalanced and tip heavy. By selecting a bamboo with the Knot (where the weight is concentrated) closer to your right hand, it provides the Dobari effect, by bringing the center of gravity close to the hands. Shinai No22 Shinai has all the characteristics of a Kotogata shinai, but it has the weight balance of a Dobari Shinai.” (Taro Ariga, CEO E-BOGU.COM, Inc. Kendo Kyoshi 7 Dan)

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