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    5-infos clique par ver como tirar as medidas para o seu Bogu
    NOTA: A entrega do Bogu demora entre 3 a 4 semanas após confirmação da encomenda.

    Best selling Top Quality 3MM Bogu sent int its 5th Generation, with great improvements. 
    The Mengane is our signature Antibacterial Hybrid Duraluminium Mengane. Beautiful Tare design reinforcement. The back side of the Bogu is reinforced with Black Kozakura. Kote Reinforcement also with Black Kozakura. Fist Shape Kote model, with the perfect Kote shape as holding a Shinai. Double Kera on Kote chambers

    Bogu bag not included. There may be an additional cost for a person with larger built.
    The Himos (Strings), Leather piece for the Men, and Tenugui are included.


    720.00 c/ IVA