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    Important: This product does not guarantee to stop or decrease the spread of virus or bacteria or any other disease.
    Kendo Mouth Mask TB-19 (Tsuba Blocker-19) helps protecting you and your opponent by blocking droplets coming out from the mouth and nose. It was designed to prevent the spread of Tsuba (saliva). Easy to take off, easy to wash.


    25.92 14.00 c/ IVA
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    Please note that the Eye Protector pictures on this page has the Protective membrane film, so you can see on the pictures. Before using the product you must remove the film, otherwise you will not get the clear view.


    18.00 14.00 c/ IVA
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    The most remarkable new feature in this Bogu is the GOBANZASHI Stitching, which is used throughout the Bogu Futon. The thread that goes through the Futon, are stitched twice, perpendicularly giving a chessboard look. This stitching gives the Futon a Tezashi look and comfort.

    421.20 c/ IVA
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    very comfortable and provides sturdy thick protection

    info about the head measurement– how to measure your head

    302.00 c/ IVA
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    It fits well, is durable, and is affordable for those on a bit of a budget.

    info about the head measurement
    how to measure your head
    182.50 c/ IVA
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    Men Top Stitch 3MM Machine Stitch
    Men Futon Stitch 3mm Naname (Diagonal), with E-BOGU signature diagonal cut
    Mengane Duraluminium
    Border Stitch Kazari Design with Border Leather
    Ago Embroidery Gobanzashi Batsu
    Ago Kazari Batsu with 5 Dan Lines
    Back Kazari Navy Kozakura
    Futon Reinforcement New Top Quality Clarino
    286.00 c/ IVA